Welcome to the Age of Blogging!

The basic idea behind this little initiative is that we want to help you start a blog about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. It’s really that simple!

Who are we looking for? Anyone with a passion for the game who wants to share their Warhammer experience with others.

Why are we doing this? With the rise of pre-release hype and fall of some unmet post-release expectations, we’ve noticed the shrinking of a once large and booming Warhammer Online blogging community. We think there’s room for this community to grow again and we’d like to help new bloggers get their feet wet!

When are we running this initiative? While we’re always available to help out with whatever blog-related assistance you need, BlogWarhammer will be running the Age of Blogging initiative from Jan 1-31 2009.

What will we do to help? We will help promote your blogs by showcasing them on our own blogs. We will also provide as much technical support and blogging advice as you need.

How do you get started? Here are a few free and easy-to-use blogging platforms you should investigate. Let us know if you need any help and please feel free to introduce yourself in this thread!

Traditional blogging platforms
WordPress (and here)


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