The House’s Food Stamps Cuts Aren’t Just Cruel. They’re Dumb.


And that’s easier said than done. In one of the latest efforts to manage food allergies, UCLA researchers created a portable device still in prototype stage that attaches to your smartphoneand analyzes food right on the spot for allergens. Until that’s in the real world, here are some tips on avoiding allergens when you or loved ones are away from home: Dining out: Talk to everyone and ask a lot of questions. Your server, the chef and even the restaurant manager should know about your food allergy. You should know exactly what’s in your dish and how it was prepared. Explain cross-contact danger: Some studies say more than 20% of restaurant staffers think picking an allergen (nuts, for example) off a dish renders it safe. Your best bets: Order simple options (baked potato or steamed vegetables) and skip dessert (often a source of hidden allergens). Avoid buffets and fried foods, where cross-contact is high. On a plane: Forget airline food (pack your own) and sanitize your seat and tray table. Passengers with nut allergies who took these precautions had significantly lower odds of a reaction, reports a new study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.Also, don’t use airline pillows or blankets and consider telling those seated nearby about your food allergy. At camp: The number of kids who suffer from food allergies has increased dramatically in recent years, a new government report shows. Whether your little one is at day camp or away for the summer, give counselors and key personnel a written plan describing medications and instructions in case of a reaction. Prep your youngsters to know which foods are safe (or aren’t), never to trade food, and when to alert an adult. Always: Read labels carefully every time.

That had never been part of the way Americans ate. And if it still remains beyond the weeknight habits of most people, the idea of a menu divided into many sections of small dishes was an outgrowth of the concepts the Hazans introduced — and a concept that rules in most new restaurants today, however apparently un-Italian. Fergus Henderson, for example, who popularized nose-to-tail, meat-centric cooking at his St. John in London, says that Hazan “shaped, more than any other person, this British chef cooking British food.” Hazan was both warmhearted and prickly. She wasn’t always patient with students, but she always had a rough humor that showed she didn’t really mind a dumb question, even if she made clear it was dumb. She was competitive. My own career in food writing began when the then-editor of the Atlantic asked me to write about the operatic rivalry he heard me describe between Hazan and a Tuscan-born teacher of Italian food who had the gumption to head-to-head with her for students in both New York and Italy. When I last visited the Hazans in their Longboat Key condominium, in February of 2009, they noted with pride that the royalties of the combined two volumes of Classic Italian Cooking still contributed significantly to their living expenses — and pointed out that they had combined and revised the two books against the advice of their original editor, with whom they had broken as a result, and that the book, which they called “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking,” was in its 19th printing. “It’s amazing how stupid publishers can be,” Victor remarked. But they also noted with enormous satisfaction how much had changed since the time they first were writing, when olive oil “only came in one kind in a huge can,” balsamic vinegar was unknown, and you could barely find Parmigiano-Reggiano. Their cooking lives, wherever they went in America, were much simpler, even if they lamented the lack of good vegetables in Florida (“green beans shrink in a day — maybe the water evaporates, but they’re never good”) and offal of any kind. I asked for one recipe recommendation, to help promote Essentials (they greeted the suggestion of writing a piece on a website for free to promote the book with silence and tight smiles). Marcella shrugged. “I’m always in love with very simple recipes,” she said.

How Marcella Hazan Made Italian Food All-American

Take a family living in poverty, earning $12,000 a year. A financial planner would say that you should have enough liquid savings to survive three to six months. That is going to be incredibly hard for this family; the definition of poverty we should think of is someone having to choose between essentials, meaning theres no money left over. However, ideally, three to six months is, of course, saving between $3,000 and $6,000, or well above the cutoff. Families simply couldnt get to a level of financial stability when it comes to their savings without the government pushing against them. President Obama moved to create a universal $10,000 asset limit for all federally funded means-tested programs in his 2011 budget . Indeed many states that do use an assets test have them set much higher. Texas, for instance, has a $5,000 cutoff, which is consistent with this. So we are doing policy in bad faith, cutting against commonly accepted financial planning advice. 4. Inflation “Inflation all I ever wanted / inflation, had to get debased” – The Go Go’s. A fourth problem is that it is not indexed for inflation from when it was created. Though this changed, the $2,000 limit was set in 1986, and hasnt been adjusted for inflation. Even as they start adjusting for inflation now, a retroactive adjustment would put it closer to $4,250 today. 5.

Foodies Rejoice! Las Vegas’ Food & Wine All-Star Weekend Returns

Las Vegas’ Food & Wine All-Star Weekend Returns Follow Comments Following Comments Unfollow Comments Foodies will have a field day as the fourth annual FOOD & WINE All-Star Weekend , hosted by Bellagio , ARIA Resort & Casino and MGM Grand , returns to Las Vegas on October 4-6 with a series of enticing events and even more culinary superstars. Renowned sommeliers and mixologists, along with celebrity chefs Joel Robuchon , Michael Mina , Shawn McClain and Julian Serrano will collaborate on a variety of events for a truly memorable weekend. FOOD & WINE All-Star Weekend is filled with incredible epicurean experiences, said Chef Julian Serrano. We as chefs love to come together to create these memorable meals and interact with travelers from all over the world. The 2013 Food & Wine All-Star Weekend will be filled with more culinary inspiration than ever before as it presents eight mouthwatering events over the course of three days. Tickets start at $75 and can be purchased online at Guests must be 21 years of age or older to attend. Michael Mina At Food & Wine All-Star Weekends official kick-off party, View Bar at ARIA invites guests to sample delectable delights from ARIA restaurants barMASA , Julian Serrano and Sage at First Course. Masa Takayama , Julian Serrano and Shawn McClain will prepare their noteworthy cuisine plus Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot will deliver their fine champagnes.Together this sets the scene for one delicious party. Early arrivers can get their sushi fix as Chef Heather Zheng at MGM Grands Shibuya educates diners at Ten Ways to Sushi at lunch time. Chef Zheng will create ten different variations of tuna, each complemented with fresh wasabi and refreshing sake selections.Tuna is one of our most popular fish, said Chef Zheng. We think guests will enjoy trying a variety of interpretations they may even discover a new favorite! Start Saturday off right with a brunch created by ARIAs collection of celebrity chefs inside the rustic setting of ARIAs AMERICAN FISH during All Star Brunch . Michael Mina, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Sirio Maccioni and Jean-Philippe Maury will join forces to make an unforgettable four-course meal with exclusive wine and cocktail pairings. At lunch time eightMGM Grand restaurants will battle it out at Food & Wine All-Star Weekends first-ever Burger Bash .Attendees can indulge in all of the mouth-watering entries to see if their palates agree with celebrity chef judges Michael Mina and Joel Robuchon, who will ultimately determine the champion burger. Jason Smith After the bash you can wash your burgers down by joining Master Sommelier and Bellagio Director of Wine Jason Smith at Jasmine for Syrah That Will Change Your Life. Here you can explore the lighter, elegant versions of Syrah, from cooler climates to blockbuster, paint-your-teeth selections. There are two options for dinner.You can either enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with Chef of the Century Joel Robuchon at Six Course Bliss at his eponymous MGM Grand restaurant where you will have the chance to meet the renowned culinary mastermind and receive a Joel Robuchon cookbook signed by the chef himself.Otherwise legendary chef/restaurateur Michael Mina can personally prepare a multi-course, seasonal menu paired with the renowned wines from the Far Niente Napa Valley Estate for you.His Harvest Dinner takes place at the Bellagios enchanting Grand Patio overlooking its mesmerizing courtyards.