Posting on WordPress

Posting in WordPress is pretty painless, although the more you learn, the more you’re able to tweak your posts to make them look their best!

1. On your Dashboard, go to Posts on the left-hand side and click “Add New”.

2. The Add New Post screen is pretty straight-forward. First, give your post a title!

3. Then, in the big white box, type out your post. Don’t worry about any special coding, WordPress posts your blog articles WYSIWYG — what you see is what you get — kind of like how you’d write a paper in Microsoft Word or any word processor program.

4. There are a number of menu buttons at the top of the box — first, make sure you click the one that says “Hide/Show The Kitchen Sink”, because it shows you a second bar of menu buttons that are quite useful. The buttons aren’t hard to figure out — to bold a word or a second, just highlight the text and then click the B button, for example.

5. A lot of people want to know how to put images in their posts — I find images spice up a post quite well, but you want to make sure you don’t overdo them, either! Adding images is simple: above the menu buttons is a line that says “Upload/Insert:” with buttons by them. The picture frame button is for images, the little film strip is for a video, and so on. Click the picture frame, then choose whether you’re uploading a picture from your computer or using one from somewhere else on the internet (in which case you have to have the URL for the picture — right click on a picture and select “copy image URL” to get it). Make sure you align your picture, insert it, then resize it as needed.

6. To organize your posts, make full use of “Tags” (which are keywords people can sort your posts by) and “Categories” (self-explanatory), both of which are on the right-hand side.

7. Make sure to save your draft often! There’s nothing worse than losing a post you’re working on just because the power goes out. You can save drafts for as long as you like, working on them when you have time, and posting them only when they’re done.

8. The “Preview” button allows you to see how the post looks so far without publishing it.

9. When you’re finally done, click the big blue “Publish” button, and away it goes to your blog!

10. If you don’t like how it looks after it’s published or if there’s an error in it, you can go back and edit published posts (it’s on the dashboard under Posts).

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