Caress lesson for escort girls

With many men in London seeking escort services, they have varied reasons. Some just want company while others relish good sex. Of interest to us are those who want a caress. It is the duty of an escort girl to know at least a few things about caress. In view of this, here is a brief outline on how to best satisfy your client’s caress needs.


Before giving a caress, stretch all the areas that you intend to use. This includes your fingers, arms, back, neck and legs. This is essential especially if you intend to conduct a long session. It helps reduce cramps. It is also wise that you ask your client whether he has any past injuries. Observe care especially if he has had a surgery in the recent past. This is so for a perfect caress is supposedly free of pain. Some clients may have medical issues take not of these lest you get them too excited to the levels of causing real harm to them. Warm oil is what you should use to give a caress. The oil makes hands movements easier. Remember, you are moving your hands over the client’s body. The warmth of the oil is important as it provides a soothing effect. Beware! Overheating the oil can cause burns hence keep on monitoring how hot the oil gets.Feeling your partner is an essential factor in giving a good caress. Let your hands read the clients body. Follow the body`s curves and ease pressure as you go over bony areas. You should adapt the shape of your hands to fit the curves of the client`s body. Above methods are suggest by London escort agency . They suggested  You should vary the pressure used depending on your aim. On the tight knots apply firm pressure. This helps release muscle tension. she reminds that.  this is one of the main chiefs of deep tissue caress.

Try to avoid conversation during caress. This may prevent getting the much-needed relaxation. It might actually tense up some of the clients` muscles making your job even more difficult. Talk only when necessary. For instance if a client screams in pain you can ask him what is wrong. Nonetheless keep conversations short and strictly talk when in unavoidable circumstances. This is important for a quiet environment aids in relieving tension.
As much as you would like to give a long caress, try to accede forty-five minutes. You might want to take a break. When conducting a caress, you are pressing on the clients’ body. If this goes on for too long, you might end up bruising him and causing pain. This is the last result you want after massaging a client. The exact opposite results (a relaxed client) is what you should strive to do.
For any particular spot, take at most thirty seconds. This helps sped up the process especially if you are conducting a full body caress. If you realise that specific spot is tight or still aches, come to it later for another thirty seconds. By the time your forty-five minutes are over, you will have ousted all tense/tight spots. Your client in return becomes relieved and in good physical shape.
All said and done it’s time you put everything into practice. Use the above tips wisely and you will keep you clients coming back for more. They also serve to make sure you have no hard time in giving your clients the best of houston escorts  service . Also keep learning more about this topic, there is a lot of information online as well as offline. Add any tactics you consider valuable and in no time you will be the best escort masseur in town.